There was some excitement among Arsenal fans after Alexis Sanchez failed to secure the deadline day move to Manchester City, however, January is approaching and it’s a time looked upon with much trepidation. The Ox’s move to Liverpool and his annoying comments irrespective, Alexis’ move is one move that won’t go down too well.

Moving on…

With the Premier league heating up and the World Cup still underway, no one wants to miss the most important football matches. There is nothing more fun than experiencing live football games. However, the only thing worse than your team losing at a live football game is having to deal with drug regulatory consultants at the chemist when all you’re trying to buy is lozenges. Here are some of the tips on how to dress for a football match as per the seasons:


With the chilly mornings and dark nights, dressing up practically can be a little tricky. However, you can never go wrong with a pair of dark jeans. Black jeans always offer maximum versatility. For this season, layering is essential. You can pair up the jeans with an oversized shirt, long sleeve sweater, and a borg collar jacket or tracker to kick-start the layering. You can never go wrong with this kind of pairing.


In as much as men love light-weight trainers and plimsolls, they can’t keep them covered and warm during winter. Winter is the time to invest in some substantial footwear or lace-up boots to finish off the perfect football outfit.
Wear smart joggers instead of jeans. If it happens to rain at the match and you’re wearing jeans, you’ll get soaked, and that won’t be fun. However, smart joggers ensure insulation and comfort and at the same time gives you a chilled out edge. However, if you still prefer jeans, opt for slim-fit jeans.

With winter, cover-ups are a must. This is where the parka coat always works to your style convenience. You can use an oversized padded jacket, a classic parka, or a waterproof option. The aim is to stay warm throughout the match.


This is the best time to watch football. However, spring weather can get you confused about how to dress up for a match. You can choose a Harrington jacket and layer it up with your Arsenal jersey t-shirt and a pair of jeans. Spring is also the perfect time to wear your lightweight trainers.


Summer is the perfect time to crack out the shorts and take a break from the jeans. If you want to keep it off duty as well, casual sports shorts are the best option. If you ‘re going to make more effort on the pitch sidelines, then you can add tailored styles in your utility shades.

If you want breathable options for the top, you can wear cotton t-shirts or a light colored arsenal jersey. If you prefer to leave your thin-layered jacket back at home, they make your to bring your baseball cap to protect you from the sun so that you can keep your head in the game. Plimsolls are the best footwear options for summer because they are breathable. Primarily any loose and light clothing will work for summer.