Arsenal FC Writer

Femi Famutimi

Writer By Trade

Femi is also known as @Disfemisef on Twitter has been an Arsenal supporter since the days before Tony Adams. He’s the correspondence of the masses, going through the streets of Lagos, Nigeria to find out how Gunners in the most populous city in Africa enjoy matchdays.
A lawyer by compulsion, a writer by choice, Femi’s dreams often outweighs reason.

Arsenal Writers

Oreva Okiomah

Banker by Day

Oreva is a man with many facets – banker by day, chess coach and player by night and, a photographer on weekends. He’s also an avid rock climber and explorer. An Arsenal supporter, Oreva is as passionate as they come.

Arsenal Writer

Sani yusuf

Software Developer

Sporadic narcissist, Sani leaves us green with envy. He travels the world giving talks about AI and web development – Seychelles today, Aruba tomorrow, Malta next Tuesday, Austria in spring.
Quite frankly, we all hate him because we want his life.
On other fronts, he’s a season ticket holder and gives us reports and videos on match-day happenings when he can.

Robin Uzo

Arsenal Fan + Many other things

First off, I’m female. I just happen to love menswear and my logo *grin*
When I’m not writing or making videos about Arsenal, writing music or helping men dress better, I’m busy lawyering or taking exams to practice law in another country.
Arsenal’s goals bring tears to my eyes, end of.