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I enjoyed our win, albeit through eyes glazed from a body temperature which could melt the North Pole.

When Rooney scored, I thought was over especially considering his record against us. But when Monreal came in with the rebound, there was a glimmer of hope, from me and my friends at Gunner Amigos.

The front three Arsene fielded on Sunday was about the best attack we’ve seen in years. The creativity from Ozil, the tenacity from Sanchez and the composure from Lacazette was, need I say, a joy to watch.

Ramsey didn’t light up the stands but he was better than average and bar the horrible mistake and lack of communication with Cech, Monreal was that one left-back who plays centre-back and ticks all the boxes. Per and Kosc did their jobs as did Kolasinac and Bellerin.

Xhaka on the other hand was, well, caught counting sheep, again. He’s got to up his concentration and stop making mistakes which inevitably costs us goals. His build up of play was however on point.

We however will be without Ozil and Sanchez in January.

Wenger’s Predictability

Who replaces Ozil?

If my prediction is right Wilshere will and Iwobi will be a sub. Wilshere with his assist to Ramsey against Everton and his move in the Europa league game against Red Star, Wilshere seems ready to go. Iwobi, well, almost.

Who replaces Sanchez?

Welbeck. Period.

And maybe Iwobi or Reiss to fill in when Welbeck breaks something.

I think we need to buy. But where?



Who will Replace Ozil

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