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To be truthful, it’s hard to say I’ve heard of this team before. So I’ve done my research and found that it’s in Belarus.



No offence but, I only thought of Belarus as a tourist destination and not a football playing one. I’m learning new things everyday.

[tabs style=”h1″ ] [tab title=”Where” ]Barysaw, Belarus Barysaw is a city in Belarus situated near the Berezina River in the Minsk Region.

Temperatures hover between 13-17C around this time.

It’s got a tiny population of about 145,000 people as at 2015[/tab] [tab title=”Directions” ]Well, it seems you can only get there by bus or taxi.

There are no train stations. Arsenal have however made arrangements for coach services for visiting fans.

You are also strongly advised not to take public transportation on your own for safety reasons and difficulty reaching the destination. See Arsenal’s arrangements here. [/tab] [tab title=”Food/Eat” ]You can find these on Google Maps but as earlier said, you are advised to stay put with the Coach before and after the match. Pack your own lunch dammit![/tab] [tab title=”Stay/Hotels” ]No can do. Better rough it out on the Coach, that’s why you love this club. Go out on a limb for it.[/tab] [/tabs]


Again, this is for you guys who won’t actually click through the tabs. Arsenal advises that all away fans make use of the Coach that will be provided for security reasons and difficulty in getting transportation. Please stay safe before, during and after the match.