It’s been in the offing: Arsene joining Ivan Gazidis at AC Milan. And while we’re happy that Le Professeur is up and ready to get back into management, we hope he can see and learn from the differences seen in Emery’s style. 

When the rumours hit us, we were sceptical. After all, we were made to believe that Ivan ‘the terrible’ Gazidis and Arsene Wenger didn’t agree on some matters. Why then, would Ivan sanction Wenger as Gattuso’s replacement?

A good manager is always a good manager. Except for Jose Mourinho who, if I may add, seems to be reaping fruits from the seeds he’s sown. Arsene irrespective of this fact (the good manager part), is as you all know, quite a stubborn man. I think it’s worsened with age.

Former Arsenal Boss In Advanced Talks With AC Milan - 90mins
According to 90mins, Arsene Wenger is in advanced talks with AC Milan to take over from Genaro Gattuso in the new year. Read the story here.

The energy and the fight have been more than evident in our players. Somewhere in all of this, I’m hoping Arsene will ask himself the question – why?

So, while we wish him well as the most likely to take over from Genaro Gattuso, here are three (3) traits Arsene can learn from Unai.

3 Powerful Traits Arsene Can Learn From Unai Emery

1. The World Is Not Enough

Yes, I know, you’re thinking: “huh? James Bond?”

Well no, not exactly.

Unai Emery never seems satisfied. He always wants more. For example, after our 5-1 victory against Fulham, Unai Emery said:

I don’t think of this performance like it is the best. But it depends each match on how it happens on the pitch in the 90 minutes, when we scored the first goal is the moment we can play with more confidence on the pitch and the opposition maybe didn’t have the mentality to continue pushing because we are okay. –

What would Arsene have said?

You can hear and see that after every game, Unai’s not resting on his laurels irrespective of the win; he’s always asking for more. You can also feel and see that the players are giving fewer excuses and taking responsibility for their game.

Trait to Learn: Dear Arsene, as you go to Italy, the land of gelato and naked sculptures, let the world never be enough.

2. Killer Instinct

Yes, the video game we played when we were 12 years old. Jago would most definitely be Unia Emery. Sabertooth morphed into Luca Torreira, and Thunder would most probably be Sokratis.

Moving on to the meat of the matter, Unai Emery’s men now have the killer instinct Gunners have needed for so long. We don’t wait to shoot/score until we get to the goal mouth. We are less risk-averse under Emery than we were under Arsene Wenger, with players trying new things and new tricks.

Matteo Guendouzi Arsenal v Blackpool

Sit back for a minute and think.

Remember Matteo Guendouzi’s goal against Qarabag FK? It’s difficult to imagine he’d have done that in a team Arsene managed. I mean, Le Coq (Francis Coquelin) appeared 160 times for Arsenal and did not score until he left for Valencia. What does that tell you?

Look at all the missiles Lacazette’s been scoring, including the one against Liverpool. That, my friend, was risk-taking at its finest.

Trait to Learn: So, Arsene, let your players learn to take risks and be confident in themselves.

3. No Retreat, No Surrender

Yes, Jean-Claude Van Damme.  But, in another way, it refers to the team we are now.

Remember when we used to bottle our lead on the table or in a match? And bottle it we did against very small teams; I’m sure such events have become a distant memory to you.

There is physicality and spirit about our team which wasn’t there before. Everyone fights for the ball. Iwobi’s not getting bullied anymore, and we have a Sokratis who will play dirty if he needs to. There camaraderie in the dressing room and you see it on the pitch.


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On the sidelines, you can see Unai barking out instructions, making hand signs and taking non-performing players off. His attitude ultimately translates to the performance on the pitch.

Now, I understand that people are different and Wenger cannot be a Jürgen Klopp or Unai Emery. But, to stop learning is to start dying and Arsene can take a leaf or two from Unai’s books. If there’s no fire Arsene, you’ll end up having another Arsenal in AC Milan.