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Morning everyone, apologies for not sending in the newspaper rounds yesterday, I got worked to the ground at work, what with the company getting new directors and such, and all the regulatory brouhaha that comes along with it.

 We decided to add quotes to some of our articles just to inspire you. As much as you love the Arsenal, you ‘needz’ some encouragement and inspiration as you go along. 🙂

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Okay, to the news…

Daily Star reports that Jordan Henderson’s urging Raheem Sterling to sign a new contact with the Scousers as he did a few days ago. It’ll be sad for them to lose a player of Raheem’s caliber (not that he’s a top 10 winger in Europe by any shot, however, he’s got prospects) but the heart wants what the heart wants. :/

West Ham chases ‘Little Pea’ aka Javier Hernandez for a paltry £7m according to Daily Mail. Hernandez who’s 26 has been on loan at Real Madrid from Manchester United and up until his recent goal in the Champions League quarter-final against Atletico Madrid has failed to impress at the Bernabeu.

Moyes deserves a little credit doesn’t he? Express reports that David Moyes believes Fellaini who initially suffered at Old Trafford has finally found his rhythm at the club. The paper goes on to give a history of the transfer saga that was during Moyes’ time at United but no one wants to hear that repetitive drivel my friend, no one.

In Mirror, there’s news about Wenger. Yes. They say Wenger and Fabregas don’t talk anymore and it’s all Wenger’s fault as usual. Need I say more about the British media?

The Daily Star report that Pep Guardiola’s not interested in the Manchester-City job. Has anyone thought that maybe, just maybe Pep wants a job that’s secure and not one where the spoiled owners through the manager out of their prams after just one bad season? * rolls eyes *

Yes, and, money cant buy love you everything. Whatever Abrahimovic and his side-kick Mourinho sought to throw at Real Madrid for Gareth Bale and Varane, well, has fallen flat on it’s face. Chelsea would have to trade their whole squad to get those two. Muahahahahaaa! And Newcastle want Marseeille’s Andre Ayew. Think he will go? I don’t think so.