Mesut Ozil has confirmed that he has re-opened contract extension talks with Arsenal.  The negotiations, which began earlier in the summer, were suspended to allow the German international all the time he needed to focus on his Euro 2016 commitments.

Although the attacking midfielder has not said much to indicate his willingness to sign Arsenal’s contract extension, it is widely believed that his confirmation of the ongoing talks might be a positive sign.

There were earlier signs, just before the summer, talks were not going as smoothly; resulting in panicking among Arsenal fans who feared they might lose not just Ozil but Alexis Sanchez by the next summer.

A calm Wenger was quick to reveal that

“They still have two years contract, so there’s no urgency as well.  There is no reason for Arsenal fans to be concerned.  At the moment we have priorities that are a bit different.

“Most of the time the extensions of a contract are done outside the transfer window because it gives you a bit more time and focus on that.”

Mesut Ozil seemed to have echoed similar sentiments this weekend when he was quoted as saying, “I have a contract until 2018.  We have had discussions, but they were suspended for the European Championship.

“I wanted to focus at this time only on the national team. Now we look to continue the negotiations.”

[quote font=”play” font_size=”18″ color=”#dd3333″ arrow=”yes” align=”left”]Most of the time the extensions of a contract are done outside the transfer window because it gives you a bit more time and focus on that[/quote]After putting in 19 assists during the past league season, Ozil may be eyeing a weekly salary in the region of £200 000.  With the amount of money in circulation in the Premier League, coupled with the attacking midfielder’s abilities, he may be worth every cent.  Penny-pinching Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, though, is likely going to find it hard, if not impossible to part with such hefty figure every week just for his play-maker.

If Ozil does not get what he wants, there is no telling what damage his diminished morale might do on Arsenal’s title-chasing ambitions.

The German may have overstepped his bounds when he indicated his desire to inherit Jack Wilshire’s number ten T-shirt, barely minutes after the Englishman had completed his well-publicized loan move to Bournemouth FC.

Off on loan. Hope he comes back to us in one piece and better.

He must have gauged Wenger’s temperament fairly well before making his demands public or it could blow up in his face.  While Ozil waits for Wenger’s reaction, they both know that a negative answer is not an option.  If the manager refuses honouring his request, it is not only going to be a slap on his ego, it is likely going to turn into a negative media feeding frenzy.

Wenger may have learned, rather painfully, how not to lose a prized asset.  The likes of Robin van Persie, Samir Nasri and several others might have been enough to guide Arsenal to a title win, a triumph the club has not attained in more than a decade.  Football isn’t the only thing the manager is good at managing, he has expertly concealed bouts of heartaches he suffered each time he lost one of his top stars to a rival team.

To ensure similar painful loses never happen again, the manager has hired Ozil’s international team mate, Shkodran Mustafi.  This may give Wenger a load of leverage he could exploit while trying to appease Ozil going into the final phase of his contract extension talks.


Article by: Ifeanyi Urigwe