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It’s been a while. My new day job is, well, owning me at the moment. There have been meetings birthing more meetings and other stuff you probably don’t care to know about.

Moving on…

When you’re a club like PSG with too much money to spend, you either tend to have an oversupply of talent or you end up buying players you don’t need circa Arsenal in panic buy mode. And then your transfer market roundup starts to sound like a hidden slot review or recap: put in your coins and see what happens. It’s left for clubs like us to pick the diamonds dumped in the bins and it’ll take an excellent manager to turn things around by building tactics around such talents. The January transfer window is’nt too far away and insinuations, rumours and outright lies have begun to brew. Like this one from former Chelsea defender, Alex:


Speaking to L’Equipe, Alex said: ‘I would like to see him at Arsenal.

‘They play cleaner football, more technical.

‘He had contacts, I believe. That would be a good option for him this winter.’

Younger, prettier, taller…sorry, couldn’t help myself.

There are rumours that we might do a swap deal with Paris St. Germain (PSG)  of Alexis Sanchez for Julian Draxler in January but with the Lucas Moura story coming in, a compare would give us better insight into which player would present better value for money/swap.


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Age: 25 years old                     Age: 23 years old                            Age: 28 years old

Height: 5ft 6inches                 Height: 6ft 1inches                         Height: 5ft 5inches

Games 2016/17: 53                 Games 2016/17: 39                         Games 2016/17: 51

Goals: 19                                   Goals: 10                                            Goals; 30

Assists: 11                                  Assists: 5                                           Assists: 19


Though Draxler had been sidelined for sometime with injury, Lucas seemed the better last season with assists and goals even though none of them, came close to Alexis’ numbers. We must however remember that there’s room for growth for both players, Lucas being 25 years old and Draxler just 23 years old.

Both also are cheaper options to Thomas Lemar, who, by the way doesn’t seem interested in us anymore.

There’s also been talk of Lacazette luring Antoine Greizman to the Emirates however, I doubt we’ll be able to afford that one. If we’re able to get a Draxler/Lucas for Sanchez and a similar Ozil or Santi-esque player and a defender whether up and coming or already established in the ilk of Virgil Van Dijk, then I think we’ll be good for the rest of the season and next.