Unai Emery had the team trump (no pun intended) Boreham Wood 8-0 in a match that hasn’t left us much room to figure out whether the team is ready to return to, ahem, top 4.

Good morning from Calgary, Canada.

Yes, I moved.

And it was long and arduous and cooooold. Like, summer mornings here go as low as 9C.


So that’s why you haven’t heard from me in a long while. Packing up, documentation and the actual travelling took so long.

Oh, and I broke my journey to stop by the Emirates. I’ll share pictures later.

Back to football.

Unai’s men…

That sounds weird. Let me rephrase.

Our boys…

Sounds better.

Our boys played okay against Boreham Wood. It’s Boreham Wood, so I’m not very excited about the scoreline. Everton scored 22 against some Sunday League team so, best we wait till they face a reasonably formidable side, like say…TottenSpurs?

Unia’s new signings – Sokratis and Guendouzi – didn’t ‘wow’ but again, everyone’s just trying to get their legs back. If you want to watch a recap of their game, check out the Arsenal.com website.

Now, to the game. My thoughts.

The first five minutes leading to Aubameyang’s goal saw some slick direct passing from the boys. Lacazette seems to do well on the wings as well; showed flashes of Pires.

But it was that goal that stole the show. A curled shot from outside the final third. That was a Thierry Henry goal. In fact, looking at all his goals and his movements in that game, you would know he was watching Henry videos all through the holidays.

I’m hoping Unia Emery eases Maitland Niles, Nketiah and Reiss Nelson into the first team. I think they’re lovely talents plus, frankly, I’d rather have an experienced Reiss Nelson on the wings than Iwobi at the moment. No offence here, Iwobi’s my Nigerian brother, but, I think he needs to up his game and should go on loan to a first division Spanish or English team. He’ll toughen up and probably become more decisive in his play.

Overall, the boys seemed to be getting their legs back, and I’m hoping they’ll shine this season. It’ll take me time getting used to Unai as it’s been 21 years since we had another man at the helm. Darn, I’ve not known anything except Wenger. September this year makes it 18years I’ve supported this magnificent club and like everything that old, change is difficult. It’s necessary, but it’s difficult.

I cried when Wenger announced his retirement. Someone likened my emotional response to being in an abusive relationship but finding it difficult to let go.


I also had tears in my eyes when I went to the museum this June and saw all the man had achieved and the words he had spoken. Quotes, and all.

To be fair, there can only be one Arsene Wenger. Like there can be only one Alex Ferguson, sorry to draw comparisons but, it’s true. I appreciate that I’ve been able to witness so many football greats in my lifetime – Messi, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Brazilian Ronaldo, Zidane, Maldini, Thierry Henry, Bergkamp, Alex Ferguson, Wenger.

Thank you, God.