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    I remember downloading the Ox highlight YouTube video in 2012 from his breakout game (Arsenal vs. Blackburn) at the end of the clip he leaves the field to an ovation to replaced by an on loan Thierry Henry.

    From a purely human perspective I hope he can realize his potential. So on behalf of the Ox, for the love of God we need to give the kid a break. He has got to sort his form out very quickly. In this era of instant gratification its going to be tough to be under a microscope every time you are on the pitch.

    I suggest we lay off the kid otherwise its gonna become downright creepy to become obsessed given most Arsenal fans didn’t blink when his sale was finalized.

    So what do you say guys, all sins forgiven?

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      Robin Oozor

      Well, putting my fragile emotions down, you ARE making sense. It’s just that when he makes comments like the one he made about ‘us’ beating Arsenal like he wasn’t part of the soot making the kettle black, it hurts.

      But I forgive him for you. 🙂

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