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Arsenal’s Fear Factor is Gone – and That’s Good News for Our Rivals

In today’s podcast, I’ll be talking about:

– Arsenal’s draw with Southampton
– Why the title race is over and why that’s good.
– What Arsenal fans – blogs and Tweets alike – are saying on social media.

The Game

This draw with Southampton.

Am I livid?

Yes. Very.

But I’ll keep this podcast short and sweet and, I’ll try to be objective while doing it.

This leaking defence…

And I’m not just talking about the backline, I’m talking about everybody.

Now, this is the THIRD time this is happening. Drawing games. And the second time in two games!

The boys seem afraid, unsure, distracted…

And yes, they’re young, but that’s why we have some more experienced players in the team. Zinchenko, Holding and Viera…well, not sure what happened today but, the performance needs to improve. And quickly.

We’re not playing with the bite we used to.

And our opponents have stopped being afraid.

Westham, and now relegation-bound Southampton.

The next four games will be the hardest – City, Chelsea, Castle and Brighton.

Is our title race over?

I’d hate to call us bottlers, really, I’d hate that. But somehow, we’re living up to the billing.

I’m not going to throw tantrums just because at the start of the season, the title was never really on the cards.

4th? Yes.

3rd? Amazing!

Title? Who is she?

So, I’m not going to lose much sleep. At least, I’ll try not to.

But, we need to figure out a way to be scary again.

I shudder at the thought of playing City, Newcastle and Brighton. These are teams that WILL punish you! Punish you so bad, the scars will remain for reminder’s sake.

And Chelsea?

Well, they’re a mess now but so was/is Southampton and Westham and whoever else.

Or, I may be wrong. Maybe our title race isn’t over. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Full Time

Tweets on Twitter:

I think all you need to do is search Arsenal on Twitter and you’d feel the pulse of the nation, *cough* fans… Nuff said.

The best tweet I’ve seen though was from Gunnerblog which is also featured in an article from the Athletic.

Gunnerblog says:

I’ve been saying it for a while, but: Including FA Cup, Arsenal will face Manchester City three times this season. You can’t lose everyone and claim to be the best team in the country. If you want to complete the game, you’ve got to beat the final boss. Wednesday is gigantic.

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That’s it, Gunners! Like and subscribe, let’s hope things get better from here and, be kind. God bless you.


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