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Live Soccer TV  and are places where you can watch free football streaming. You’ll have to go through a couple of links though. However, if you’re used to hooking on to a free Arsenal live stream or any other live football streaming free service, this shouldn’t be much of a bother. Please know that the quality of the stream depends on the speed of your broadband
Now, sometimes, you just want to watch your live football stream uninterrupted -no buffering, no lagging, no sh*tty ads of scantily clad women giving you the ‘come-hither’ look.

When I have the money, I subscribe to NOW TV  (when I’m in the UK) or DAZN (when I’m in the US or in Canada). Let me break down each live streaming service to you:

NOW TV Live Football Streaming


Those who know me might say I’m a bit biased in my review of NOW TV because I worked there at some point. I beg to differ.

And no, it’s not that I’ve never had issues with their services – streaming on two devices instead of three or some error with the initial download of the app – but, on the occasions where these issues came up, I got a swift and polite response from customer service.

You can either get a NOW TV day’s pass (£9.99), a NOW TV week’s pass (£14.99) or a NOW TV month’s pass (£ 33.99). If however, you want to follow every Arsenal live stream match, then, a day’s/week’s will turn out pretty pricey. You can also get a day’s pass on your mobile phone for £5.99.

NOW TV is less of live football streaming and more of TV on demand.

I don’t live in England anymore but I go on holidays there. I’ve, however, moved to Canada and the paid football streaming service I’m testing out is Fubo TV DAZN and I’m pleased, very pleased.



I’ve used DAZN and I’ve been very pleased. Arsenal’s live matches and match re-plays have been crisp and I have experienced no lag during watch time.

I’ve used these links before but lately, I’ve seen that they have been littered with links to streams which force you to download something, use Bet365 or some other annoying ad. I sometimes promote Bet365, but, I’d rather these sites were upfront rather than trying to hoodwink me into signing up or placing a bet.

  1. FirstRow Sports: I personally use this one but I have to admit, it can be sometimes frustrating. I find the ads and the sudden elopement of links mid-match really annoying. When it’s good though, it’s really good.
  2. Probably the biggest and most dependable and usually offers multiple links to make sure you find a working stream
  3. ESPN Go: This will most likely not work for you if you live outside the United States, but it’s a pretty good streaming site with Live American commentary…(urgh! And yes, they’ll call it soccer.)
  4. Stream 2 Watch: Offers as many links as Sportsmelon and also has a couple of TV channels as well.
  5. LS Hunter: Pretty good, especially if you live in Europe.
  6. Boss Cast: This site seems very pro-United States sports, but you’ll find football on here as well.
  7. Live TV Sx: No, this is not an adult site. 🙂 They serve football matches