It’s almost January and like always, there are sure to be rumours.

But these ones I read, are a bit unsettling.

Ozil and Sanchez

The two best things to happen on the pitch to Arsenal since Henry and Bergkamp. * Sigh *

We’ve been waiting a while for both to extend their contracts but it seems they’re not budging until we offer them more money.

And understandably so.

Premium talent in all professions cost you, but you pay because you know that 90% of the time, they’ll deliver. It’s laughable when you see Man-United struggle with Pogba and sometimes, Zlatan, who they pay top dollar every week. But before now, they were and in some parts still referred to as top talent.

I know it might be a bit of a drag paying those wages but we can’t attract top talent if our wages aren’t competitive with market standards, it’s the same problem the company I work for is faced with at the moment. Pretty much all the top talents are leaving or plan to leave and the board ‘kinda realizes they need to step up salaries or end up with ‘meh’ staff.

The same goes with football.

You don’t pay well, you don’t get world class players. Simple.

And most times, world class players help you win stuff.

Barr Manchester City until recently.

So, now that we’re done with that lengthy preamble…yes, that was indeed a preamble, the Telegraph has said that Arsenal are willing to part with Ozil’s services if he asks for too much money.


Ozil is top talent and he delivers. Almost 90% of the time. Like 89.999% of the time.

Now the news on the Telegraph says we’re open to offers for Ozil if he refuses what we’re offering:

Some sources claim Ozil and Sanchez want £20million-a-year, £384,000-a-week, to re-sign with the Gunners and Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has appealed for them not to let money decide their futures.

Arsenal could risk letting the pair enter the final 12 months of their agreements if no compromise deals can be struck, but Telegraph Sport understands any big offers for Ozil would be looked at if he does not sign an extension.

Jack Wilshere has been proposed as an alternative to Ozil should he leave.

Well, humour me.

Jack Wilshere is good, but not that good. He’s shinning like a million stars because he’s at Bournemouth, take Lucas Perez to Everton or Sunderland and sit down and watch magic happen. That’s the same here.

Look, Ozil would be the best mentor for Jack on the pitch. Ozil’s control is otherworldly. Jack’s control needs polishing. Ozil leaves defenders bludgeoned in his wake, Jack runs into tackles.  Both do make a good pass but please, don’t make comparisons. Until Jack gets it right and polished (which will hopefully be soon, if he stays injury free), he’ll always be a middle-class Ozil.

So, for me, not selling Ozil. I’m having none of that.

Selling Sanchez? You must be smoking skunk!

The End.